It has been said that the most complex mobile system fielded is a Remote Television Production Truck or Trailer.  Gerling and Associates builds 90% of all those complex systems used in North America.  That means expertise learned in that difficult industry will be included in your new Mobile Marketing vehicle, Mobile Command Vehicle, Mobile Medical Facility or of course, your new Remote Television Mobile Production Facility OB van.


To understand our advantages gained over our 32 years in this complex business we welcome you to click below to learn of our expertise in extreme custom vehicle construction.

Gerling & Associates started custom building Remote Television Production trucks in 1978 during our affiliation with Jimmy Rea Electronics to sell broadcast equipment to the Cable TV Industry. Small trucks eventually became big trucks and by 1985 we delivered our first 53ft TV Production Trailer system. Years of learning followed as Gerling and Associates was soon tasked with building our body systems from scratch and coming up with solutions for our clientele that were light weight, extremely rugged as well as a fantastic exterior and interior look.

Over the years, a lot of great people noted our quality to include police departments and mobile medical end users as they viewed our TV trucks and trailers at venues across the nation. Gerling and Associates did our first large contract for the FBI of 50 units in 2005 and a fleet of mobile hospitals for the Veterans Administration in 2008 and have now continued to provide the same quality included in our broadcast vehicles to all our clientele to now include the Mobile Marketing industry.


Experienced gained in Custom Building Remote Television Production vehicles has taught us well how to accommodate running at Max GVWR over long hauls, extended environmental control, large expanding side systems that do not leak, extended power systems supported with isolation transformers and all these features wrapped up in a light weight total project. Delivering on average two custom projects per week means experience and we have seen it all when it comes to building a facility on wheels to be DOT approved and insured.


Whatever your mobile need, you will find extended experience here, on this site, enjoy! 

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