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From smaller, van-based units to 53’ Double Expanding Side Trailers, Gerling has built more Television Production Vehicles than the rest of the industry many times over...for many good reasons. 

Thirty YEARS of successful work have led to Gerling Television Production Vehicles being the gold standard. If you don’t own one, you’ve probably worked in one very recently. If Production companies want to win, whether it’s high-school football or the Super Bowl, the truck has to be a Gerling.

Sprinter Van (DSNG & ENG)

Crafted with the same meticulous care as our larger units, Gerling’s ENG Vehicles have earned the reputation as being the only van-based units that do NOT have problems with being overweight! In addition to being the lightest on the road, Gerling’s ENG Vehicles are competitively prices, and always delivered in less than 90 days!

Nomad Class

You won’t find a more rugged and durable structure in any other small Television Production truck. We stand behind our bodies with a four (4) year, unlimited mile Warranty, and do so with confidence! 

This means lighter weight, greater resilience, and longer life for the greatest return on your investment.

Super Nomad

With a five (5) EIA rack width interior from side to side, the SUPER NOMAD is surprisingly roomy, easily able to handle a six camera, 6 crew person complement.

For clients that need just a bit more production capability than what the usual cutaway production vehicle offers, the SUPER NOMAD is a winner.

Stallion & Stallion EXP

The Stallion Series is without a doubt, the largest, most spacious and powerful Television Production unit available under Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) requirements.

Above the CDL threshold, our Super Stallion Production vehicle offers the most production power available on a straight chassis, period. Limited only by the 40’ bumper-to-bumper length (most states), the Super Stallion has all of the advantages found in most trailers.

Emperor Series

While the vast majority of Television Production trailers being fielded today are expanding side units, there are situations that require the personnel and rack space that a trailer facilitates; however, an expanding side may not be desired.

Gerling Expanding Side Trailers are available with either single or dual expanding sides, with expanding side lengths up to 51’.

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