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Gerling’s years of experience and success have enabled us to become a leading provider of Mobile Command Centers and Mobile Communications Vehicles. Our credibility lies in our client list and our quality.


Our approach is to provide an industrial-grade solution for Mobile Command and Communications applications. In a business where down-time is not an option, our approach gives our clientele a distinctive edge.

Sentry Class

The Sentry Class is Gerling’s Mobile Command smaller footprint offering, from van-based option up to 16’ custom bodies that are based on diesel cargo chassis

Stallion Class

The Stallion Class represents the industry’s only truly rugged and ground-breaking Mobile Command Centers. Available up to 40’+ in length, and with Gerling’s exclusive full-length expanding side mechanism.

Citadel Class

No other firm provides an Expanding Side Trailer like the Gerling Citadel Class. No down time, real environmental security, and real fail-safe power make the Citadel Class the peerless choice for Mobile Command Trailers.

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