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No other custom Mobile Manufacturer has the designs available to provide the longest expanding sides in the industry, the best power systems for safety and reliability, interior fit and finish that exceeds fixed Mobile Medical facilities. Gerling & Associates is the choice for your Mobile Medical Solutions, as custom & simple as the Custom Medical Facility you are searching ... Mobile Research, Mobile Medical Clinic, Mobile Dentistry, Hospital Trailers, Healthcare Trailers, even Mobile Phlebotomy.


  • Easy to drive, totally manageable by a staff of one

  • 50% more space than all other competitors. CDL not required.

  • Easily managed on-board power and water systems


  • Easy to drive and manageable by a staff of one

  • The largest expanding side systems available for a self contained mobile system.

  • Easily managed on-board power and water systems


  • The Largest expanding sides available, up to 360" in width

  • Full medical facility designs

  • Extensive operating suties

  • Full recovery suites

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