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"How Hard Can It Be?"

How Hard Can It Be?

When you get into the custom rolling stock industry building Remote Television Production Trucks and Trailers, it is REALLY hard. I have noted over the years other good trailer manufacturers trying remote television, one or two trailers, and they don’t try it again, that is how hard it is.

Remote Television travels down the road at full/max GVWR all the time. And they spread out the work to be 1,500 miles per job working three shows per week. That is hard on any trailer chassis. At the same time, space is required, so huge reliable massive expanding sides must be built in with cavernous storage bays to accommodate thousands of pounds of equipment. Then, don’t forget the truck wash. 500 PSI of hard water spray against all doors and those great access doors we build here at G&A, well, they better not leak, because, right behind those doors you will find equipment valued in the millions of dollars. Environmental control must be ready to keep all that environment at 72°F in Phoenix in September and at that same 72°F in Minneapolis in January. And then there is the power system. Huge 300 amp capacity systems that must be isolated from the incoming power and be exceptionally reliable as the power system does not have redundancy. Yes, this is very hard work and we at Gerling and Associates do it every day.

This experience gained is why we do so very well in mobile marketing. For example, we have the largest expanding side systems for that industry. It’s why we have done so well in mobile medical, we know how to set up fast and then strike for multiple appointments per day, it why we do so very well in mobile command as the systems, for managing a very bad day are easy for us to design and build with very high quality. Of course these industries are hard too, but not of the challenge and stress level of Remote Television Production. If you can do and solve all the issues in that “live broadcast” shown to and in front of millions of viewers, you can totally solve the issues of mobile marketing, mobile medical and mobile command.

Fred Gerling


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