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Gerling Service & Maintinence, 20% OFF

To ensure a long and useful life for your Gerling Unit, we recommend the following minimum maintenance schedule.

We want your Gerling Unit working for you, not against, and we want to offer you outstanding service at a great price. Use the COUPON below for the essential service items included in this blog.

If you have questions or want to schedule your maintenance service, please contact...

Brandon Robinson

Issue Resolution Specialist

Cell (614) 296-1454


Gerling and Associates

138 Stelzer Court

Sunbury, Ohio, 43074

Here are a few items we recommend checking every 6 Months...

Box Body

Perform periodic 6 month service/ inspection of the Box Body to include:

  • Storage bay system mounts

  • Storage system lock group

  • Bay-System seal group

  • Caulk on all joint surfaces

  • Generator enclosure

  • Mast systems mounts

  • Access ladder system

  • Roof system

  • Man doors for water-tight integrity.

The Expanding Side

Designed to handle any environment, the Gerling Expanding Side System is rugged and we will check the following items to keep it running strong!

Perform periodic 6 month service/ inspection of the Expanding Side System to include:

  • Gear drive system for timing

  • Cleaning and lubrication of Slide operation track and bearing system

  • Inspect all seal systems

  • Inspect internal locking system and lubricate

  • Check expanding side roof heater group

  • Check folding floor security system

  • Check folding floor cable drive lift system

  • Inspect all aspects of the floor both folded for transport and in the operational position

  • Inspect track drains (clear of debris and operational)

The Power System

* Ensure all power is totally disconnected and perform the following according to the G&A provided instruction manual:

Perform periodic 6 month service on the Power System to include:

  • Remove the stainless steel power system panels and check all power cable connections for proper torque, re-attach stainless steel panels

  • Check all transformer terminals for proper torque

  • Check night service battery fluid levels

  • Check for proper output of 12V Inverter charging system

  • Clean and service all cam-lock connectors

  • Examine meter group for proper operation

  • Examine all switches for proper operation

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