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Gerling and Associates Mobile Marketing, Medical Clinic, Television Broadcasting: SIMPLICITY!!

Fred Gerling, President of Gerling and Associates was asked about the new automation systems for broadcast trailers, as is now being promoted by several European manufacturers and stated,

“Automation and lack thereof, provides reliability when it comes to the large trailer systems we custom build here in Sunbury, Ohio for broadcast television. It is all about the business plan for these large trailer systems."

Gerling and Associates has had a single-prompt-app for the iPad for about a year now that will place an entire Mobile System into operation. This means that via one stroke on an iPad with the control app, the truck levels, side system expands via a DC drive, and the environmental (heating/cooling) system comes up and all that needs done manually is stair set up.

Used in the Gerling and Associates Mobile Marketing, Mobile Medial and the Mobile Command areas of the business, Gerling and Associates has had great success in automation. However, the company does not believe in using these systems in Remote Television.

Why? It is the business model. In North America, the standard NFL class trailer systems must do on average 2 to 3 events per week for their owners to make good profits on these very high end investments. Schedules are tight and if an ice storm or any other on-the-road event delays a trailer, possibly for hours, a very reliable and fast set up must be used. This fast set-up, and reliable set-up is only available by hand.

“The Crank...” stated Fred, "...is a manual set-up system for expanding side systems that are extensively reliable and a very fast back up in the event of this simple automated operating system failing, leveling jacks are extensively reliable when manual all the way. And, eyes on the environmental control panel is a must when powering up those large air conditioners on large trailer systems and this must happen fast."

Fast is not a luxury in a complex automated control system and while recommended for non-critical events in mobile marketing for example, in broadcast TV, the Show Must Go On. Broadcast TV is a different world and the push for automation simply demonstrates that those high end trailer manufacturers, recommending this pricey option, do not understand the complexities of this business.

See Gerling Simplicity on our YouTube Channel or by viewing this VIDEO

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