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Value Added Items: RUB RAILS

Value Added Items

Rub Rails

A Gerling and Associates “Value Added Item”.

Gerling and Associates repeatedly tell all our potential clientele about our 'Rub Rails,' often our potential clientele ask, “What is a Rub Rail?”

First it is something no other custom truck or trailer manufacture, that include lower vehicle storage bay, provides. Yet, they are a basic safety feature for any vehicle, with 12” - 16" of ground clearance, when a lower storage system is required.

The fact that no other manufacture has them underlines the fact that those manufactures just build the basics and do not understand all the places a custom vehicle must egress or have never driven what they build.

We came up with rub rails through experience. About three decades ago when Fred was backing a trailer into a stadium and going over the crest of a ramp, the Ramp angle caused the lower bays to drag on the ramp crest and began to cause damage to the bay frame. Fred worked for 2 hours to find enough flat lumber to ride the trailer higher and clear the ramp.

The Solution? Gerling and Associates RUB RAILS; for those drivers not willing to stop for a ramp crest. The Gerling and Associates rub rail will just skid over the crest while at the same time providing a good water intrusion block and side protection in tight spots.

The Gerling and Associates RUB RAIL, another Value Added reason to buy your next custom Mobile Marketing, Mobile Medical, Mobile Command or Remote Television Production truck or trailer, from Gerling and Associates.

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