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Mobile Medical Clinic: Space, Layout, & Ease of Care... Trucks and Trailers

[ Mobile Hospital & Medical Clinic ]

Any organization interested in providing Medical Service to the public or a closed group of patients using a mobile system must consider the following important items” said Fred Gerling, President of Gerling and Associates.

  • Space: This is a onetime item of consideration that in the end, determines the success of the mobile vehicle in question. “Gerling & Associates provides our Mobile Medical Clinic clientele more space than any other Mobile Clinic Provider in the industry using our custom expanding side technology” stated Mr. Gerling.

  • Full length side systems that expand outward over 80” are the specialty of the company.

  • Non CDL: Often we find it important to hold the weight of a Mobile Medical Clinic down to enable any driver to transport the vehicle to the intended sight of usage, Gerling & Associates mobile systems are the lightest in the industry.

  • Fast set up and strike: To maximize the investment, it is important to have a fast set up and a fast pack up capability to move to another location for multiple areas to be supported and serviced in a day. The Gerling and Associates Non-CDL Samaritan sets up in only 10 minutes, ready to serve.

[ Emergency Medical Response Clinic ]

[ Mobile Medical Trailer: Operation Room ]

  • Ease of set up: Often a Mobile Medical Clinic may be driven to location by a Nurse Practitioner of minimal stature. The Gerling & Associates Samaritan can be placed into operation by the use of the integrated iPad mobile apps.

  • A real Clinic feel: To really service a patient effectively, doing all exam work in a clinic environment rather than a modified recreational vehicle (RV) really does present a large degree of credibility to the medical service being presented.

  • Stairs that are outside with platforms and OSHA approved hand rails are not only impressive but far safer than a stair well in the interior.

  • Straight side walls rather than RV curved 'Deco' side walls provide extended space.

  • High ceilings and that great Gerling & Associates expanding side system provide a reception area, waiting room, restroom, 2 exam rooms and an office, all in a 25 ft great-looking, Box-Body system.

[ Mobile Hospital Recovery Trailer ]

Check out our floor plans and our wide selection of large floor plan Mobile Medical clinic trucks and trailers on Vimeo

[ Mobile Mammography Clinic ]

[ Mobile Mammography Clinic ]

Gerling and Associates is the premier builder of very custom mobile systems, that includes our extensive manufacturing experience in the Broadcast industry. When you watch the any Professional Sporting Event this weekend, a very custom Gerling and Associates expanding side trailer system is providing that entertainment live from the stadium.

Gerling and Associates knows mobile systems of all types and we are here to insure your success.

Reach us at 740-965-2888, info@gerlinggroup.com,

or visit www.gerlinggroup.com

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