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[ Gerling Samaritan Design: Medical Clinics ]

It is amazing that we see a lot of Mobile Medical vehicle buyers fall prey to buying a modified RV to meet their Mobile Medical chassis needs. The goal in Mobile Medical is to gain as much space as possible to provide the very best in quality of care.

“When you jam a patient into a small room layout in an RV, privacy is non-existent and it’s more stressful and difficult on everybody involved...” stated Fred Gerling, President of Gerling and Associates “...space is tight and the so called “pop-outs” usually do nothing more than become a cleaning issue as the space offered is minimal."

The Gerling and Associates Samaritan however is a real clinic. Driven under a standard drivers license, you walk into a reception area with a rest room and then have the ability to be seen in 2 different full size exam rooms that are very private with finish to resemble a real exam room in your doctor’s brick and mortar office” stated Gerling.

“When you total up the storage space, and the interior floor plan square footage, it is almost 1.5 times larger than a typical modified RV” Gerling went on to say, “Then we add an on-board, self-sufficient power system, air conditioning handled by quiet air plenums, and lastly, a fast set up ready for service; it is a fact that the G&A Samaritan is a far better choice than a modified RV”.

Mobile Physical Therapy Clinic

Mobile Exam Clinic

Mobile Operating Room Clinic

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