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Often when G&A is promoting our Power Systems in our vehicles, we use the term, “HARDENED."

That terminology comes from the fact that these systems are designed by experienced broadcast engineers. That means the people behind the design understand that during an event, an NFL game for example, if the truck goes dark it is the power system that is at fault. Therefore, the power system we provide in all our broadcast mobile systems are designed to be fail safe and easy to maintain to keep them “Hardened”.

This is also very important when it comes to Mobile Medical and Mobile Marketing as not only is reliability important for those needs, but safety is as well. The G&A hardened power system includes tap select switching for multiple power incoming voltages but also Isolation Transformers.

The isolation transformer is a very crucial component to safety design with specific regard to a loose grounded shock event. We have heard of these wake up calls on other manufacturers' Mobile Medical and Marketing power systems and it only happens because the manufacturer does not include a thorough mobile power system and install isolation transformers.

G&A has learned this craft in Broadcast TV, the hardest product to field in the mobile industry. Have G&A build your next Mobile System to see the difference a “hardened” power system makes.

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