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A term we use a lot at Gerling and Associates and rightfully so. Items we term value added are concepts and accessories we provide in every G&A Mobile Facility. HOWEVER, G&A Value Added items were developed out of experience and client usage. This means, solving small and large issues at the request of clients over a 30 year time line of custom vehicle construction. Experience makes it all happen as well as a good ear in regard to our clients input.

The following items are just a few of these great ideas included into reality to make the G&A product truly, “Best in Class”

• Auto Level Stairs: Stairs that level via gravity while being supported by one hand and locking to level with the twist of a hand knob, so easy and yet so reliable.

• The 2 Stage Man door: G&A Doors include 2 locks, a wedge security devise that seals the doors hard for transport and an easy to use door lock used during any event, when easy egress is required.

• Exterior Running Light Wiring Harnesses: Unlike shipping trailers, the running lights can cause long delays if there is an issue. External harnesses are easy to service when a complex interior is built in.

• The Box In Box Side System: The heart of the G&A flawless expanding side system, easy to open and close with redundant operation as well as incredible weight capabilities far more than any other side system as well as incredible length and expansion dimensions.

• Roof Chicanes: A real G&A “Best of Class” feature when a large dish antenna storage is required to provide maximum interior head height.

• Storage Bay sweep Out Bay Design: The G&A bays have no exterior “lip”, thus any accumulated dirt as well as sliding heavy cases in and out is possible and so very easy.

• Storage Bay Anti Ice Measures: The G&A Bay door opens when road ice freezes other manufacturers bay doors hard shut. Anti-Ice opening a G&A true value added feature.

• Storage Bay Rub Rails: Only G&A provides added support for bays that are dragged over sharp angle ramps and protection against side scrapes with our unique bay rub rail.

• The G&A “Hardened Power System”: G&A always provides a very serviceable stainless steel panel for easy egress of service.

• The G&A “Hardened Power System”: Is redundant and split to service independently the tech side or environmental sides of the G&A load center.

• The G&A “Hardened Power System”: includes “Tap Select” to enable different voltages to be accommodated.

• The G&A “Hardened Power System”: Depends on Analog Meter groups first to accommodate extreme low temperatures for reliable in voltage availability with back up digital always in the mix.

• G&A Exterior And Interior Lighting: LED all the way for all needs, strike lighting, stair and platform courtesy lighting, bay lighting, under side lighting, task lighting and work lighting with up to 3 hours of lighting available via the internal DC system for those times when power is late to the truck or pulled early after an event.

• G&A Custom “Air Out” Vents: Personalized vent systems that provide air to operators individually much like aircraft style air our vents to enable self-air adjustment of operators.

• Custom Air Plenums: Custom designed per project to insure the very best in not only air out from the environmental system but air return, dedicated to “hot areas” to include heavy equipment loads and heat syncs.

• The G&A Stinger: A very unique generator installation to integrate generator systems in the rear of a truck design to conserve space and provide easy slide out service.

• Opulent interior fit and finish to provide an interior that is a pleasant environment for extended long production days

• Opulent consoles and counters featuring ergonomic comfort and style.

• Flat lightweight expanding floor systems.

The Scepter Series: • Smooth seamless, rivetless automotive look exterior body • Flush latching and extended water extrusion specifications • Extended insulation group • Extended power system to be split systems to include: o Tap select switching o Dual isolation transformers o Extending grounding measure

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