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A term well known in the broadcast industry for the last two decades. "SET, SHOOT, STRIKE" deals with the amount of time required to set up for a show once on site, shoot the production and then strike or “tear down” after the show to get on the road fast to make the next event. The same concern is true with any mobile application, Mobile Medical, Mobile Command or Mobile Marketing as time wasted is a cost to be considered.

In the Remote Television Broadcast industry, speed and efficiency are top priorities. A lot of these expensive truck and trailer owners will book an NFL Game in Pittsburgh, move Monday to St Louis for an evening pre-season hockey game, move to Kansas City on Thursday for an end of season baseball game and then be in Denver for set up for another complex NFL game for the weekend.

More shows equal more money and that all sounds great until you throw in an early season ice storm on I-70 taking far more time for travel than budgeted. Then and big time then does ease of set up and a fast set up mean making a show or not and not is not an option.

That same principal in Mobile Medical means any person can set up a G&A built Mobile Medical clinic truck and then move it to three different locations in one day, more patients, more care provided. A Mobile Command truck must set-up fast after arriving on scene, as the stress of the moment is critical. Mobile Marketing means far less time in setting up for more marketing time on-the-lot. Ease of set up and strike means multiple events to show that new merchandise over a weekend.

Only G&A has learned the art of ‘fast set-up’ well and have incorporated this principle into our vehicle designs. This is something we do far better than our competitors and high end broadcast is who we thank for that. Let our Sales Associates show you how we make our trucks and trailers easier, faster and safer to set, shoot and strike.

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