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February 16, 2018

February 8, 2018

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July 5, 2017

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The Ugly truth about 'Rub Rails' and why they are important...


By Fred Gerling, Owner and CEO |  It is amazing to me that many people and thankfully our competitors do not get why I go on so much about “Rub Rails”.  Those ugly flat plates that are under our bays are a real asset to any mobile unit with low storage bays and low ground clearance.



I came up with this idea about 25 years ago when backing a 53 ft Production trailer over a ramp at a major venue in Chicago.  The bays were hung up on the crest of the ramp and it took me hours to find enough 2” X 12” wood stringers to run over to gain clearance.  Thus the rub rail!  These rails not only enable skidding the bay over any curb or ramp crest but also extend out ward almost  an inch beyond the bay door.  This inch not only pushes high pressure road spray away from the seal but also helps with curb damage. 


It has been said that 90% of all large trailer damage is caused during parking and a rub rail really helps defray scrapes on the trailer side and eliminates damage to the doors and bay doors.  The rub rail, another G&A value added item learned through experience.



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