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As we now move into late fall, it is good to have the IBC show in Europe behind us as well as the comments from some of our clients who attended the show about “how great the European trucks and trailers are”. Really? I am often then placed in a position to demonstrate that we are looking at two different business models, The North American concept of doing several events per week to maximize the return on investment, and the Euro Model of doing one show every two weeks with a €9mm investment.

All of our good clients in North America really have our industry clocked. By that I mean 3 and sometimes 4 shows per week and often a 400 mile trip between those events. In order to pull that off, compare what we at G&A provide vs. what a Euro competitor builds:

  • G&A provides, Storage bays with no frame to accommodate all cases, our frame is external, the Euro design includes I-beams right in the bay systems.

  • G&A provides, Light weight so a standalone trailer can make the event fully loaded, the euro product is often 20% heavier

  • G&A provides, A fast set up, 15 min or less, compared to a 4 hr set by our euro competitors

  • G&A provides, A manual and very reliable expanding side system vs. hydraulics that can fail and smell as well as the Euro geared systems that cannot support extended weight

  • G&A provides, An expanding side system that can be really deployed manually vs. the need for a mechanic to show up and get the side opened.

  • G&A provides, Light weight stair systems and accessories that can be put into place by one person vs. a required set up team

  • G&A provides, Ice breaker technology for those events where a trailer shows up actually frozen shut.

  • G&A provides, Extended environmental control systems that are easy to maintain

  • G&A provides, Rub rails to egress hard set up locations without trailer damage

  • G&A provides, A cost scenario that is normally about 35% less by G&A against the Euro Manufacturers.

  • G&A provides, We listen to those professionals that work with our engineers as to what is really needed in the field vs. telling our customers what they will get and need to learn to use.

  • G&A provides, A “More Hustle, Less Hassel”, service department that is there for you 24/7, try and find that from any Euro factory that works about 4.5 days per week only.

Those are just the basics that G&A has learned by working with some of the best Remote Television Production engineers on this planet. Listening, rather than telling a client how to do it, is a great concept in custom building a Remote Television Production Trailer, OB Van as it is known elsewhere. Reliability and that old concept stating, “The Show Must Go On” is the bottom line insuring that revenue will not be lost if a hydraulic side expansion system will not operate, that does not happen with a G&A product.

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