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Gerling Develops a Full New Egress Lineup

Sunbury, Ohio, June 2nd, 2015:

You say to yourselves, what is an egress line up? When you custom build vehicles that require high ground clearance, “Mobile Medical systems, Mobile Dental Systems, Mobile Presentation vehicles and Remote Television Production Facilities” (any vehicle requiring 22.5” wheels) it will require up to 7 steps to get up to the operating floor and those steps can be daunting to an elderly person walking up to a Mobile Medical Facility. Further, OSHA regulations for “Brick and Mortar” facilities dictate a lot of complex handrail work, complicating this required need. (OSHA does not have jurisdiction over Mobile Systems, but the threat of litigation mandates OSHA compliance as part of any stair/handrail and platform system.)

Another need is to ensure the stair system and support group is easy to level and can be set up in a timely manner by a person of minimal stature. Think about all of that added complexity and cost not to mention that these systems MUST work and work every time for every event.

G&A has responded to this need in developing a shallow angle stair set with a midway platform that is totally motorized for a minimal cost. While there have been ADA hydraulic entrance systems available for the handicapped for some time, safe stair systems for persons of minimal health can now feel very comfortable with this new system as it is only 3 steps up to a 36” x 36” platform for rest, a 90º turn and 3 more steps up to entrance into the mobile systems interior.

The big elephant in the room for this design is ease of set up and time to set up. Enter G&A engineering, having figured out some of the most complex solutions for the Broadcast Industry, to come up with a great solution.

The stair system, with the built in platform, folds into our expanding side systems in a three part fold that is operated by a 12V cable drive system. Should the 12V system arrive on site dead, the system can be manually lowered to insure reliability. “It is really a 3 hinge system aided by gravity” stated Fred Gerling, “and it is very easy for anyone to lower into place or stow for transit with a lowering or raising time of just under 4 minutes to include leveling” WOW!

Reach out to the G&A sales department at www.gerlingsales.com for added information or call us a 740-965-2888.

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