With over 32 years of experience in the Custom Vehicle Design industry, we provide workmanship for domestic and commercial markets. These include Mobile Medical including Medical Clinics, Mobile Marketing, Event Marketing, Experiential Marketing, & our core business, Broadcast Television. Broadcasters trust our systems integrity to produce The Super Bowl & sports as we know it. We build 90% of all remote Television Production trucks & trailers fielded in North America. 

Our Services Include


All interior and exterior design  // Custom Mobile Solutions  // Complete refurbishment Warranty & maintenance  // Finish custom carpentry  // Much more...

Gerling & Associates uses the most current fabrication methods

and technology to ensure long standing vehicle life cycle.

Custom cabinetry and interior finish work to

accommodate any custom need or workflow.

We look to provide a mobile facility that will last over time, including when you need a change

We manufacture any type of specialty media and custom mobile vehicle on the market and are also happy to design and build a custom specialty vehicle that meets your unique needs. We’ll work with you to develop a design that works and then we’ll build it to those exact specifications.

Gerling's philosophy of customization and quality control requires that all phases of design, construction, and integration be performed "in-house," with no sub-contractors used for any purpose. Gerling is only one of few companies worldwide that can legitimately make this claim. 


To accomplish this, Gerling & Associates utilizes state-of-the-art methods and materials in one of the most comprehensively tooled facilities in the industry.

The Gerling Team is composed of a dedicated group of Associates-whose singular goal is not only to custom build your first vehicle, but to ensure that you return time and again to Gerling for your mobile medical, mobile tour, marketing trailer, hospitality and custom mobile vehicle needs.