Meet Chris DeVol

Chris DeVol is the Director of Sales for Gerling’s Mobile Food Truck Division, and will be your guide throughout the entire process of purchasing, designing, and taking delivery of your new Gerling Food Truck. 


Chris is very unique to the industry, and his qualifications to assist you during this important investment stand alone.  For 17 years, Chris was Gerling’s leading sales representative, involved in the brokering, design, construction and delivery of the most complex mobile systems available, including broadcast television, mobile command, food service, and satellite uplink. 


In 2013, inspired by the passing of his grandfather, a lifelong restaurateur, he decided to switch gears and open up his own restaurant, while maintaining ties with Gerling.  6 years later, his restaurant is booming and expanding, including food truck operations…and he now directs Gerling’s Food Truck Division. 


What this means for you as a client, is this:  


Not only can you benefit from Gerling’s unparalleled experience in mobile platforms, but also the fact that your guide throughout the process is a restaurant and mobile food truck operator himself.  The understanding of how restaurants work; from sanitation, to razor thin profits, to  the ergonomics of the kitchen, is all part and parcel of what we do.  We are not just truck builders; we have a restaurant guy that understands where you’re coming from, and where you want to go.


Contact Chris anytime, and he will be happy to discuss both of the industries that he love, and how they come together.

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